Medcurity and Drip7 – Keeping Compliance and Security Top of Mind

Mar 7, 2024 | Press and Media

Medcurity, a leading HIPAA compliance platform for healthcare organizations, announces a partnership with Drip7, a leader in cybersecurity and compliance training, to provide healthcare institutions the confidence that HIPAA is implemented in their processes and understood by their employees.

As the threats to healthcare and PHI continue to evolve, one of the main challenges hospitals and clinics face is how to prioritize and maintain sufficient HIPAA compliance standards. Simply going through the motions with HIPAA requirements can put an organization in danger of a data breach and financial penalties.  Medcurity brings intentional insights to clients’ Security Risk Analysis and testing of policies and procedures, making it easy for healthcare groups to work towards comprehensive HIPAA compliance and security standards.

“It is exciting to be a part of a partnership that adds real value to the customers. The complexity of cybersecurity and compliance has increased 100x in the last ten years. We are excited to work closely with Medcurity to bring more cutting-edge solutions to the organizations that need them.” – Heather Stratford, CEO of Drip7

HIPAA compliance requires teams everywhere to stay up-to-date and reminded of what it takes to keep organizations compliant. A recent study led by security platform Tessian and Stanford University Professor Jeff Hancock revealed that 88 percent of cybersecurity breaches are caused by employee negligence. Drip7 provides an easy-to-use, engaging, and powerful way for employees to get the training they need trickled throughout the year to remain compliant. Bite-sized learning sessions are designed to be a seamless part of the workday, ensuring that HIPAA standards remain top of mind. It’s not enough to do a once-a-year training, but small microlearning throughout the entire organization over the course of the year increases security and compliance for all – giving the patients a safe and secure experience.

“Medcurity values like-minded partners who bring immediately impactful security and compliance support to healthcare. Our customers will gain clarity and confidence in their HIPAA compliance program while providing on-going critical training to their entire workforce.”

– Joe Gellatly, CEO of Medcurity