Modern Training forModern Companies

Train, Secure, Engage

Take the pain out of essential training.

Use a full training platform designed to be easy to run, easy to customize, and easy for employees to learn and remember knowledge key to their job. Use Drip7.

Gamified. Team-based. Easy to administer.

Eliminate the eye roll.

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Rewards-based Microlearning

for Cybersecurity, Compliance, and HR Requirements.

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Designed to be fun and engaging, Drip7 is the microlearning platform that creates knowledge and increases skills retention.

Move beyond the check box mentality of yearly training and embrace a more frequent, flexible, and customizable way to train and retain your employees.

Learn through internal videos, leaderboards and accumulate points for different learning activities to be at the core of a rewards based learning system.

Drip7 Pricing Plan

  • CyberCore Microlearning

    7 in depth cybersecurity training areas

  • Ready-to-Roll Curriculum
  • Gamification Elements
  • Standard Badges
  • Standard Leaderboard
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Full Content Library


  • Additional Language translations
  • Integrated Phishing Platform
  • Curriculum Scheduling
  • Deploy Splash Training
  • Branded Portal

    Use your logo and colors

  • Create Custom Questions
  • Deploy Custom Content
  • SSO Integration
  • Custom Content Development
  • Custom Translation Available

Why you'll love Drip7...

1. Customizable

Easily create and deploy custom questions and content to your employees.

2. Easy to administer

Intuitive management portal for efficient, easy-to-launch training.

3. Empowers Employees

Give employees the tools and knowledge to be safer and more knowledgeable.

4. Positive Rewards

Create a culture of rewarding and recognizing specific behaviors.

5. Team Based

Leaderboards help pull teams together and encourage engagement.

6. Convenient

Short learning sessions fit better in today’s busy work environment.

7. Engaging

Fun, short, and designed to increase retention.

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