Customer Stories

Whitworth University

Scott Griffith, Computer Science Assistant Professor

“The core concept behind Drip7 is surprisingly simple, but obviously effective. In the current security space where everyone feels over-trained and disconnected, Drip7’s system keeps training approachable and engaging while still keeping security at the forefront of mind on a daily basis.”

Wired or Wireless Inc

William Geibel Jr, Founder and CEO

“The Drip7 experience is critical to keeping our staff trained on potential cyber security threats and methods. Receiving a new question and training information every business day keeps cyber security awareness top of mind so that attempts to breach the human element of our security are less likely to succeed.”

Quantum Star Technologies

Paul Swaim, CIO and Co-Founder

“Drip7 is thinking about training in a way that meets the requirements of the enterprise without creating training fatigue. Drip7 ties training to success in a way that is manageable for everyone involved. They are continually adapting to customer needs and encouraging feedback to make the platform better. We had a smooth onramp with responsive expertise for any questions we had.”

Spokane Regional Health District

Lola Phillips, Deputy Administrative Officer

“With Drip7, there has been much more compliance since folks have been training daily and they have been much more aware of phishing.”

Carnival Corporation

Jennifer Garone, Former Senior Director, Privacy and Information Governance

As a seasoned privacy and data protection professional, I come across many vendors who want to sell me something. It’s rare to find a company who treats you more as a partner, and actually delivers on the promises of the sales people. Drip 7 is one of those companies. Highly recommend them for your training needs.