Simulated Phishing Tests

Easy inclusion within our training curriculum

Drip7 uniquely empowers organizations with an engaging, effective, and tailored approach to cybersecurity training, focusing on fostering a vigilant and proactive workforce against phishing threats.

Drip7’s phishing training platform is a part of the larger Drip7 Training System. The Phishing simulations are easy to deploy with varying levels of testing difficulty.  Both identification of phishing attempts and how to report those attempts are essential to all organization’s front-line security posture. Drip7 delivers an immersive learning experience. By simulating real-world phishing scenarios, the platform ensures that employees are knowledgeable and skilled in recognizing and responding to these deceptive attacks.

  • Simple to Administer 
  • Easy to Report
  • Automatic Training for Failing a Phish
  • Customizable Phishing Template Library
  • Schedule Phishing Tests for an entire Calendar Year

Realistic Simulations

Drip7 offers true-to-life phishing simulations, equipping employees with firsthand experience in identifying and handling potential threats.


Customizable Campaigns

Tailor phishing test campaigns to fit different organizational departments’ specific needs and threat profiles.

Progress Tracking

Monitor employee responses to phishing simulations and provide automatic follow-up training as needed.

Regular Updates

The platform has a large library of known phishing attack templates that are constantly growing and updated. 


Feedback and Reporting

After each simulation, employees receive immediate feedback, reinforcing learning and highlighting areas for improvement.

Integrated with Cybersecurity Training

The phishing platform reinforces concepts learned in Drip7’s game-changing cybersecurity training and can be scheduled within the training delivery cadence. 

Phishing Simulations that Work


Our phishing platform’s core strength lies in its ability to mimic the dynamics of actual phishing attempts. Employees are exposed to various simulated phishing emails and communication tactics commonly employed by cybercriminals. This real-time, hands-on approach is instrumental in preparing employees for the threats they may encounter in their day-to-day work. Employees develop a keen eye for suspicious activity through repeated exposure in a controlled environment, significantly reducing the risk of falling prey to actual phishing attacks.

Beyond preparing employees for phishing threats, Drip7’s platform is a comprehensive tool for building a robust cybersecurity culture within an organization. Constant engagement is key in maintaining a high level of awareness and preparedness among the workforce, making it a formidable front against cyber threats.

Additionally, Drip7’s flexibility in training customization allows for a more personalized learning experience. Employees from different departments or with varying levels of cybersecurity knowledge can receive training that is most relevant to them. Phishing Test Simulation is one tool in the Drip7 enterprise software system that can help create behavior change and reduce the risks of a cyber breach.