Drip7 for Finance


Educate employees and customers on financial regulations and best practices.

Drip7 stands out as a revolutionary platform for cyber and compliance education within the financial industry, offering a comprehensive and tailored approach to better train and increase skills retention in financial industry employees.

Gamification and engagement are key areas that help Drip7 players increase knowledge retention and skills development. Drip7 also can create learning when and where the employee is without interrupting the demands of the workday. By tailoring the learning experience to individual needs, Drip7 optimizes engagement and retention, by keeping things fun and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Adaptable Content

Adaptable content to real-world situations.


Content for both employees and customers or members.


Brandable to the bank or financial institution’s logo and colors.

Finance Content Libraries

Compliance libraries that include financial regulations and best practices for customers.


Adjustable content scheduling to match banking days and holidays.


API to integrate reporting and completion.

Drip7’s consistent short training simulations provide a practical dimension to learning that takes the boring out of training. This microlearning approach immerses learners in realistic scenarios, enabling them to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations, identify vulnerabilities, and make informed decisions under pressure. Drip7 can be tailored to deliver learning daily, weekly, or monthly. In the financial sector, where the consequences of compliance breaches and cyberattacks can be severe, this hands-on approach not only enhances the learners’ skills but also cultivates a sense of responsibility and vigilance.

Drip7’s robust analytics and reporting features offer organizations insights into employees’ performance and areas of improvement, enabling targeted training interventions and ultimately contributing to a more secure and compliant financial ecosystem. In essence, Drip7 redefines cyber and compliance education, empowering financial professionals to stay ahead in an ever-changing landscape while safeguarding the industry’s integrity and stability.