Elevate cyber skills in education and government


 Customizable, rewarding, and tailored training that adapts to your policies for enhanced cyber attack readiness and compliance.

Drip7 stands out as an ideal cyber security education platform for government and higher education organizations seeking to enhance their employees’ skills development in regulations and proficiently spotting cyber attacks. With its comprehensive features and user-centric design, Drip7 can significantly contribute to bolstering the cyber defense capabilities of government agencies, colleges, and universities.

Ideal for education or government organizations. 

  • Branding and custom content to increase engagement 
  • Job specific training for tailored learning
  • Scenario based for increased knowledge retention
  • Rewards focused for encouraging correct behaviors
  • Adjustable content for non-employees and subcontractors
  • API integration for simpler reporting and administration. 
  • Adaptable Content – can change current library questions to match your internal policies


 Covers a broad range of cybersecurity topics vital for government and educational institutions.


Allows for branding and content adjustments to suit specific organizational needs.


Offers job-specific training, crucial for diverse roles in education and government sectors.


 Uses scenario-based learning to enhance real-world application and knowledge retention.


Implements a rewards system to motivate and reinforce correct cybersecurity behaviors.


Provides API integration for streamlined reporting and administration in complex organizations.

Drip7 emerges as a powerhouse cybersecurity education platform uniquely positioned to serve the needs of government entities. By tailoring its curriculum to align with government regulations and higher education requirements, providing immersive attack simulations, and facilitating continuous learning, Drip7 empowers government employees to not only understand and abide by cyber security regulations but also to proactively defend against a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape.