Try Drip7

We love Drip7 so much we want everyone to try it. So we made it so you can sign up and try it for free — no credit card required.


How? Easy — like everything at Drip7


1 – Go to the signup page: (or click the picture).

2 – Enter your name and email, then click register.

3 – Depending on your screen, you might have to scroll down to see where to enter your info.

4 – We’ll send you a temporary password to your email.

5 – If you don’t see it, check your spam filter — we swear we aren’t spam, but some email servers aren’t sure yet.

6 – Next, use the password to login and start playing.

7 – For cybersecurity purposes, we recommend you change your temporary password — just a good reminder of best practices, because we care.



Drip7 Register screen on phone held by hand

Something still doesn’t seem right? Email us at and we’ll help you start playing.