Fortify your nonprofit against cyber threats


Engage your team in tailored, gamified cybersecurity training that simplifies compliance and enhances data defense skills.

Nonprofits today face an ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats. Drip7 is the perfect cybersecurity education platform tailored to these organizations’ distinct needs. Just as it has significantly bolstered the cyber defense capabilities of government agencies and higher education institutions, Drip7 is dedicated to enhancing the skills of nonprofit personnel. The emphasis on regulations and proficiently spotting cyber attacks ensures that every team member is equipped to defend and protect the vital data they handle.

Ideal for nonprofits:

  • Branding and custom content to increase engagement 
  • Job specific training for tailored learning
  • Scenario based for increased knowledge retention
  • Rewards focused for encouraging correct behaviors
  • Adjustable content for non-employees and subcontractors
  • API integration for simpler reporting and administration. 
  • Adaptable Content – can change current library questions to match your internal policies


Specifically designed to enhance the cybersecurity skills of nonprofit staff and volunteers.


Gamified learning modules make training more interactive and encourage team involvement.


Adjustable content suitable for both staff and volunteers, regardless of their role.


Covers crucial aspects of cybersecurity, including regulations and attack detection.


User-friendly platform that eases the burden of cybersecurity training and compliance.


Branding and content can be modified to align with the nonprofit’s mission and values.

With the myriad challenges nonprofits face, cybersecurity should not be an added burden. Drip7 ensures it isn’t. Through its user-centric design and comprehensive features, the platform adapts to the nonprofit world’s unique needs. By offering a tailored curriculum that speaks directly to their regulatory concerns, Drip7 ensures that all staff, regardless of their role, receive the training they need. The gamified learning modules not only make the training process engaging but also instill a sense of competitiveness and motivation to excel in cybersecurity. With real-time adaptability, nonprofits can react promptly to the threats they face, ensuring that their frontline defenses are always up-to-date.