MicroLearning and Culture Change Part 2- The Q&A

Apr 26, 2021 | Microlearning

Q: How should content creators plan for the shifting styles for the Zoomer Generation with consideration to health, mental health, and screen time? And do you see a place to employ old school strategies for the Zoomers as a way of reducing screen time? (I.e., hard copy handouts, and other tangible resources)

These are very good questions in relation to the Zoomer or Generation Z. I have kids in high school and college right now that are fitting this demographic. I see, first-hand the toll that our technological society is having on them. Screen time is a huge concern — for poor posture, carpal tunnel, neck issues, eye issues. It’s a factor we are seeing real effects from. I believe there must be a balance and there must be time to not be connected or look at a screen. I was part of a panel that discussed the mental health effects on Cybersecurity professionals. The statistics are frightening. Loneliness, isolation, and abuse are real issues that are being studied. What I’d like to say in terms of a better training platform for Zoomers, is to have it better meet their needs. Training, when and where they need it. Training that is in smaller bite-sized pieces (which doesn’t significantly add to their screen time and potentially increases their ability to minimize technology demands) . Training that can uplift and empower rather than guilt and create fear.

In thinking about your follow up question more, I do see a place for paper and old school methods. I believe in balance. A poster in the elevator is impactful as a reminder to what a current message might be.

What I currently see is computer training that is compliance based and run through a computer and delivered through an LMS system. These annual or semi-annual programs are not meeting the current needs and I think we can do better. I believe we can create behavioral change by using technology more effectively — and this efficiency can help reduce unnecessary screen time.


Before Drip7 launched, Heather Stratford, the Founder and CEO, gave a presentation on Microlearning and Culture Change. We’re sharing some of the great questions she was asked after her talk.

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