MicroLearning and Culture Change Part 5- The Q&A

May 18, 2021 | Microlearning

Q: Employees often say that they’re tired of hearing about password security. How do you continue to train the rest of your company and still make it engaging?

This is a good question. I hear this sentiment often. If our main focus is on only one message, and that message is delivered and said in the same way over and over, it will become stale and ignored. I think the magic of education can happen when we adhere to the rule of 7. Repeat the message. Allow the delivery and content of the message to vary. By doing this, hopefully each delivery method speaks to people in a different way and doesn’t become boring and repetitive.

I believe the answer is shorter, more engaging, varied content that allows people to show competency in an area by achieving a badge or level of achievment and then moving to a new level to learn and work on. The message, delivery, and content must be both appropriate for the user as well as varied.


Before Drip7 launched, Heather Stratford, the Founder and CEO, gave a presentation on Microlearning and Culture Change. We’re sharing some of the great questions she was asked after her talk.

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