MicroLearning and Culture Change Part 4- The Q&A

May 11, 2021 | Microlearning

Q: Do you have any suggestions for educators catering to a diverse learning pool? Are you aware of any resources that deliver the same content in differing formats? (Audio, video, text, quiz game, etc.)

Yes. Catering to a diverse learning pool is an issue that is not often addressed by most platforms. We understand now more than ever that people learn, grow, and work in different ways. I have worked with and resold several platforms and have been disappointed on many of them.

Drip7 is a new platform that will cater to a diverse learning pool. We take into account the different types of learning and vary how things are delivered.


Before Drip7 launched, Heather Stratford, the Founder and CEO, gave a presentation on Microlearning and Culture Change. We’re sharing some of the great questions she was asked after her talk.

To learn about microlearning, gamification, and how Drip7 works to create lasting skills growth and behavior change, keep coming back here to read more.