MicroLearning and Culture Change Part 10- The Q&A

Jun 22, 2021 | Microlearning

Q: Our tax policy requires us to apply anthing with a monetary value to paychecks so it may be taxed. Any suggestions on other rewards that may work? We don’t have the ability to provide time off, and rewards like certificates/trophies aren’t valued as much.

I appreciate this question because it is a real issue. Non-monetary value rewards are more difficult. Some hospital systems we have worked with are trying to reward a parking spot for a month. Other organizations have given a catered lunch for the department or team, off-site event on a workday, lunch with a member of leadership, or a donation from the company— with their name attached to it— for a local charity.

You are right, certificates do not provide real incentive. Drip7 is working on microlearning with incentives. As part of this program, we are exploring the idea of providing rewards from our organization as a package to the company. That would then be part of the training package and expense, and not be individual to the end user.


Before Drip7 launched, Heather Stratford, the Founder and CEO, gave a presentation on Microlearning and Culture Change. We’re sharing some of the great questions she was asked after her talk.

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