MicroLearning and Culture Change Part 3- The Q&A

May 4, 2021 | Microlearning

Q: As you noted, reinforcement (+ or -) plays a central role in learning. In the workplace, awareness messaging can be at odds with “implicit” messages of existing systems/workflows. Thoughts on how to incorporate reinforcement into process/system (re)design?

This is an insightful question and will give you my opinion. These are two different processes and probably won’t ever become one. Awareness messaging is geared toward the lay user –the average worker– whether young or old but often not a technical person. The messages for existing workflows are often in a technical space and need to be more rigid and more defined. These messages are in absolutes and give parameters but are looking for skills or processes not for creating behavior change.

But if I were to incorporate reinforcement into the process, I would want an organizational system that could be centered on the core issues of teaching security while also bringing in very specific custom content and real specific organization processes so that the end user has the ability to learn and progress all in one system. This would make it a smoother, less compartmentalized approach.

Drip7 is a system that has this type of capability and might be of interest to you and your organization.


Before Drip7 launched, Heather Stratford, the Founder and CEO, gave a presentation on Microlearning and Culture Change. We’re sharing some of the great questions she was asked after her talk.

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