Inside the Mind of Drip7’s CTO — Luke Dupin

Oct 14, 2021 | Uncategorized

Organization’s look to their Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) to solve security issues, find new and innovative ways to improve technological processes, and for guidance when gaining valuable insights on cyber hygiene and practicing proper computer ethics. Without these tech-savvy role models, our organizations would fall flat to the endless nightmares that come with IoT devices and an uninformed employee’s errors when accessing the world wide web.

We decided to pick the brain of our Chief Technology Officer, Luke Dupin, to find out more about his mindset and opinions on some of the most frequent questions we receive. In preparing organizations for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, here is his take on cybersecurity and practicing proper cyber hygiene: 


  1. Q: What is the most important thing people should know about cybersecurity?
  • Cybersecurity breaches normally originate from human mistakes. The most common attacks come from phishing emails, social engineering, weak passwords and hardware security. All of these attack vectors are easily avoidable if users have good computing habits.
  1. Q: Is there something you wish people thought about before interacting online?
  • Be aware anything that runs code on your system can behave maliciously. Pay attention to how much information browser plug-ins and apps can harvest. 
  1. Q: Name something people need to stop doing right now when it comes to cyber?
  • Charging their phone at a “charge station” through a cable that could transmit data. Don’t click on links in emails.
  1. Q: How do you motivate your team in stressful situations?
  • Focus on the task, break problems down into manageable chunks, don’t take yourself too seriously.


If you want more information, have a question about your own company’s cybersecurity practices or cyber policy, reach out to us at and we’ll get your questions answered.