The Drip7 Story.

Drip7 was created out of a need in the market and a passionate team willing to create the next generation of training.

Working with a large enterprise client who was frustrated with the lack of good cyber and compliance training options prompted founder Heather Stratford to pivot from her past cybersecurity company to tackle a larger issue – Cybersecurity Behavior Change and Fixing Training. 


Creating the Next Generation of Tools

Drip7 began in 2021 with a strong team of cyber professionals determined to create the next generation of tools needed by organizations. Once a year, training in critical areas like cybersecurity seemed outdated, and most training was lackluster and not engaging, company-specific, or consistent. 

Where Does the Name Drip7 Come From?

The name Drip7 came to Heather while talking to her son, a Gen Z. She wanted to find a youthful word that spoke to how companies needed training to be divided into small amounts of information (often called microlearning) over time to be remembered and used. Drip is a small amount of information, and seven is the number of times that people need to hear something to really internalize and remember it. 

Launching Drip7

The timing for the launch of Drip7 was right. People and companies were adapting to increasing cyberattacks, shifting to remote and home work environments, adopting more cloud solutions, and a younger workforce tired of traditional training and part of the great resignation were demanding more mobile and adaptable training options. As founder, Heather Stratford said, “We set out to create a whole new method for cybersecurity training that fits the times we’re living in. A method that is more effective, engaging, and even fun.” The core of Drip7 is not building the curriculum or management on any existing platform. Instead, the team reverse-engineered a solution based on the pain points and demands of the customers they were talking to. Drip7 is different. 

Fully Gamified Employee Training

Drip7 is a fully gamified microlearning platform that teaches employees key knowledge and skills needed by that organization. The customizable and adaptable platform allows for cyber, compliance, and company training to be easily created, deployed, and managed. This platform is part of a greater movement to increase knowledge retention and be efficient and mindful of a person’s work/life demands.  Based on science and presenting an alternative to traditional training, Drip7 is more effective, fun, and rewards-based. A learning technology that’s fully mobile and entirely customizable.

Meeting the Demand

Inquiries started to pour in from sales partners, trainers, and companies of all sizes interested in joining the movement, and the momentum has just continued to grow. Movements that affect massive change require passionate people and committed capital. We need both. We welcome your interest in Drip7 and are happy to continue the conversation – come join the movement. 

Why Drip?

The word drip is a nod to the idea that through consistent and persistent “drips” of information over time, information is better retained and can have a more lasting impact on changing our behavior.

Why Seven?

Well, a lot of good things come in sevens. Science has proven that seven is the ideal number of things to easily remember. There are seven days to every week, seven seas, seven continents, a rainbow has seven colors, and even seven is how your brain prefers to learn, one little drip of knowledge at a time.